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loans for home mortgagesMONEY is just a commodity.  Why does it occupy so much of your attention?

Ironically, that elusive, “gotta-have-it-to-make-me-happy” ingredient of life is available everywhere!   Getting your hands on it and making it do the things to change your life is the tricky part.  It all starts in your head!

If you’re thinking “money CAN’T buy happiness” you’re right.  Or are you?  Although I’ve never seen happiness in a box or at a half-off sale, I believe just by having some of it to spare you CAN attract happiness into your life.  Happiness in the form of “less stress” allows you to think and act differently.  With extra money and knowing how to use it wisely you invite happiness in the form stress minimization into your everyday life.  So technically, money can’t buy happiness, but just having some, can facilitate it!

I’m R.E. Kennedy.  I feel your frustration.  I rode the horse you’re on for years until I uncovered some secrets that changed my life and hopefully might change yours too.  Until this past four year recession-fiasco, money was plentiful and life was great.  If you’re not having any “luck” with money right now, it may be because you’re allowing yourself to harbor negativity, and in that, you’re not alone.  Right now the media’s regurgitating a continual replay loop about unemployment, government debt, homes being sold-short, foreclosed or under water, and none of that is good news at all.  So when you read my “PLAN” you may suspect that I’m NUTS!  I get that.  Maybe I am, but it’s working for me.

Not enough of us are able to hop onto the smart money track to wealth multiplication and prosperity while a temporary window of opportunity remains open.  Sorry, there is no exclusive right to own it or ride it…but I’ve been able to identify, describe and predict it.  If you DON’T consider my plan from YOUR own perspective I can guarantee that it will not improve your future.

Stay with me here.  Read on:

By definition, money is simply a medium of exchange.  Without it, if you were a pig farmer and you wanted some lumber, you would first need to find a lumberjack who wanted a pig in order to get the lumber at a fair exchange of value.  You would be extremely limited in where you could go to get what you wanted.  Negotiating to exchange something of value that you had (the pigs) for what you wanted (the lumber) could be a time and energy sink-hole and without luck, you would likely NOT get a fair deal.  As a medium of exchange, money simplifies the process of converting what you have (and are willing to part with) for something you want (from where ever you may find it).  But you already know that.

By itself money is something you can stuff into your empty pocket, deposit it into your bank account for safe keeping or fling it into the air on a windy day and watch it blow.  It does whatever you make it do.  Money is a mere slave to the holder.

If money were a living, thinking, rational being in it’s own right, it would have a personality of wishes and needs, but instead, it’s powerless… just a medium of exchange.

Oh sure, you could take it to Vegas and throw it all down on a single “spin of the wheel” and luck just might find you (good luck with that, Sparky).  But that’s not what smart money would want to do and it’s not what you would want to do if you were smart money!

IF YOU WERE SMART MONEY you would want to be employed doing marvelous things.  You would insert yourself into a path that is traveled by gobs of other “smart” money and enjoy the fruits of growth and success.  That path would maximize your growth assent while minimizing any risk of loss.  But you’re only human. mortgage home buying tips

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly distracted by instant gratification that doesn’t easily allow you to hold your money long enough to allow it to amass and become a powerful slave to your desires.  It’s hard to say NO to that affordable 3 day Caribbean cruise, the shiny little import convertible or that next “shining object of desire”.   On the other hand, you probably also have a streak of procrastination in you that precludes you from reacting quickly to anything you involving due diligence on a good idea, whatever the stakes may be.  Your current score: TWO STRIKES AGAINST progress.

You hope that you will be lucky enough to feel the empowerment of accumulating a serious amount of money.  You hear that irritating little inner voice that reminds you about all the things that would-a, could-a, should-a, been different, that separate you from your would-be fortune.  Don’t beat yourself up, such stories are a dime a dozen near the punch bowl at every holiday party.  “If only  blah, blah, blah you would be happy or rich.”   But so far…for some darned reason or another, money has avoided you. Get over it, NOBODY ELSE CARES!  They just want a cup of the punch.

THIS MAY BE YOUR CHANCE to change all that.  No, not a Lotto ticket, that’s not a “smart” money path.  Your prize here is just to “get a peek at the smart money path” and the temporary window of opportunity that far too few of us will be able to pass through.  Sorry, neither you nor I possess any exclusive right to use it at our leisure…but I’ve been able to identify, describe and predict it, and for you to ignore my findings could provide you with hours of “punch bowl conversation” for years into the future.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  To get on that path will necessitate a little work/research on your part.  I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.  But here’s what you need to do;

Pledge to yourself that you will not procrastinate on this;  get a copy of my free report, and READ IT.

Making your money grow by setting aside a small amount from each paycheck is A path to having more money, but you already know that’s too slow for your big ideas.  But how…


If you could just see the path of “smart money” and launch the limited money you do have onto that path you might have the kind of future you’ve dreamed about.  The what, the where, the how and the when of the “smart money path” is my FREE GIFT to you.  It’s powerful yet simple, counter-intuitive yet obvious… if you just open your eyes and do a bare minimum of personal research.  But I’ve already done most of that for you.

I’m not preaching from a soapbox to implore that you do as I say.  Rather, as a 40 year industry insider, I’m just sharing my observations of “smart money” in motion.   Identifying what “big money investors” are voraciously pursuing RIGHT NOW!

BUT WAIT, you should ALREADY KNOW!  If I’ve read about it in numerous publications;  seen it on numerous newscasts, and;  heard investors talking about it…certainly you’ve bumped into the same information more than once.

THE PLAN:  It’s time to buy a home.

If you’re currently renting… buy a home. NOW!

We all know that the housing industry is a mess.  It seems as if nobody can sell their homes at a reasonable (high) price.  This isn’t news anymore.  So why are so many investors LOADING-UP with properties right NOW?  The answer is PROFIT.   Profit, profit and more profit.  A majority of them are paying cash, but you can’t do that, can you.  Many are buying the throw-away, beat-up, scarred-up homes that were stripped bare while empty, but they have skills that you don’t, right?  None of them are satisfied with the puny returns the normal IRA’s, and bank accounts offer, but you really don’t have much of a choice, do you?  And finally, all of them are aware of the lies and deceit being peddled about the coming Inflation, and you didn’t even have that on your radar!  Did you?

So why should you believe ME?

Over the past 40 years I turned my financially timid leanings into expert status by leaving a secure salaried position with (at that time) the largest corporation in the world to learn about real estate.  I hired-on with a company I had never even heard of, for insider training in the methods of real estate finance.  My intent was to spend a full year learning how not to get fleeced in an area I knew nothing about, before buying my first home.  Every time I learned a valuable nugget, a new door-to-darkness opened that I couldn’t resist exploring for my own personal financial safety.

That one year has now stretched into 40 years.  During that time I became licensed as a Real Estate Salesman, a Real Estate Broker, an Insurance Broker, a Stock Broker, a Mortgage Broker and a Residential Building Contractor.  I was called upon to teach Real Estate Business I, II and III and Real Estate Finance to Realtors working toward an advanced designation.  I also taught “Money in Banking” to bank employees walking the path to promotion, and finally I was the Guest Lecturer in finance to students earning their masters degree in Building Engineering at a large University.

I bought my first home a year after my introduction to mortgage finance.  I bought my first foreclosure a year later, and I became enamored with everything from architecture, to landscape, to the finer points of prudent leverage.  I have also designed smart home buying pathand built homes from scratch.  Real Estate is my passion.

Why would I “give” all this valuable information to YOU, a perfect stranger? 

What makes YOU so special?

  1. Your job (if you have one).
  2. Your credit (if it’s reasonably good).
  3. Your modest savings (you DO have a modest savings account, right?).

What should you do? How should you start? 

Accept the free report as my gift.  It will alert you to the primary mistakes that cause home buyers, especially first-timers, to pay their lenders too much for their home loans.  This may be enough for some of you.  Others may elect to buy my book “Why Right Now is The Best Time in History to Buy a Home in America” and/or get a “hands-on-credit-polishing” exercise to save hundreds, even thousands on YOUR loan through YOUR lender on YOUR home, in THEIR camp!

What’s in it for ME?

I just want a quicker end to this damn “Great Recession”.   There is no secret that it will not end until the “balance” of housing is restored.  It will take less time if more people would buy a home.  I’m buying myself!  I’ve got a number of great properties and all of them are occupied.

Get your hands on the most important mortgage report online and get the information you need to make the right decision for your home purchase.

NOTE:  Waiting for the crowd is not a maximum wealth multiplying option.  The procrastinator in you wants to wait for a crowd to validate the wisdom of my suggestion.  We all know that there’s safety in numbers.  The question is, “what PATH do you want to follow?”  The choice is obviously between the “smart money” investors demanding a high return, OR the “sitting on the curb waiting for a clear sign” crowd who would-a, could-a, should-a done it earlier and multiplied their wealth.  But that’s tomorrow’s punch bowl conversation, isn’t it.

It’s your choice!

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