Baby Boomers

home loans for baby boomersAhhh, so you’re one of those! Baby boomers left a mark on everything they touched and every stage of life changed when their overwhelming numbers collided with existing society norms.

You enjoyed some of America’s finest hours, when life was simpler, we felt safer, and it appeared that our Government was working properly. It was more of a carefree lifestyle that we all crave to return. Of course, we were young and unaware of many of the issues because what we got was heavily filtered by the limited number of TV channels that we had, and there was no internet.

Like it or not, that America is behind us now. Our kids and their kids will face new challenges and new victories. The velocity of change that is occurring now far exceeds anything we would’ve imagined back then. But change is what made us great before, and with any luck, will allow our kids, the Gen “X’ers” and the Millennials to wow us with their talent and skills. They’re going to be alright, but part of why you landed on my site is because you’re curious to know if there’s anything you can do for them.

The answer is a resounding “maybe”.

Admittedly, we’re not leaving them with any overflowing “basket of gifts”. They’re going to inherit some staggering debt that amassed during “our watch”. I’m not very proud of that, and in retrospect I would much rather that we had fed them more of “who we were”, but we were focused more on “our rights”, and that’s what we passed on to them. They’re really quite remarkable in their own right, in spite of us.

I sense that they’re beginning to find some of the values on their own that we forgot to teach them. I believe that they’re discovering some of what our parents were able to show us, like the value of truth, the endearing warmth of gratitude and a growing reliance on their peers, whose opinions they value above our own. They’re finding their answers from sources that are just beginning to emerge, like Google, Facebook and Twitter. They’re leading us into a new era that is likely to have a greater impact on their future than the industrial revolution has had on ours.

They can drive us crazy as they text their friends while speeding through rush hour traffic. But we caused similar angst to our parents and earlier generations as we inhaled fast food and supersized drinks in similar situations. Life goes on. Soon we’ll be the overwhelming terror on highways when some of our motor skills start to lessen and we refuse to relinquish our driver’s licenses. Like it or not, we’re aging and we can’t stop the process.

Part of what we can do for them is doing more for ourselves as we age. We too have some new tools that can make a difference to them. I’m seeing more Boomers contribute cash for down payment as their kids find homes they want to buy. Providing a little incentive for them to buy their first home helps them to start their personal wealth building.

I have yet to see a Boomer groundswell of activity in REVERSE MORTGAGES, but it’s coming. For years I felt nothing but negativity for Reverse Mortgages. I thought they were overpriced and a rip off. That all changed when my dad died and my mom didn’t want to leave the home that she loved. Like I mentioned in the book, I have done a 180 degree turn around on them. I think they provide financial opportunities that expand our “happily ever after” possibilities. They can also help to shield our kids from having to sacrifice their own financial resources to keep us afloat.

The purpose for this website is to be a resource for “no strings attached” information that can guide you to good solutions through some of the financial murky waters that you’re encountering – faster.

I’m the perfect guy to guide you. Early on I discovered that debt and finance scared the crap out of me. I was too timid to pull any financial trigger on the “big” purchases in my life until I understood them down to their core. As a result, I put my life on “hold” for a year to learn the inside of the real estate finance industry before having the courage to buy my first home. Over time, that year grew to over 40 years, during which time I became licensed as a Real Estate Broker, an Insurance Broker, a Stock Broker, a Mortgage Broker and a General Building Contractor. I’m not trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades, arranging home loans has always been my base, the other licenses were just an education path that taught me to analyze things that others would see as competing for the same dollars as they progressed through life. I felt that I would be a better resource to them if I understood more than a “one trick pony”.

I’ve loaned hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of families on their home purchases since 1972. I’ve learned strengths and weaknesses in various asset groups and developed personal strategies that I’ve employed in each of them. You will find that your situation is “different” than all others because of the unique path that you traveled during your life. I get that. Maybe you can teach me something that will be useful to others in the future. Maybe I can surprise you with my grasp of your uniqueness and help guide you to the solution you need. That has been my passionate pursuit for decades.

Since the burst in the housing “bubble” that initiated our “Great Recession”, everything has changed in the mortgage industry that left many of our go-to experts scratching their heads. Although, in my humble opinion, some of the legislative changes are taking us down the wrong path, I have confidence that warranted “tweaking” will adjust our direction and breathe life back into housing, restoring a normal balance between listings and sales, home appreciation and causing job creation and wealth building for the masses.

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