About Good Credit Mortgage Loans

We provide a new breed of financial expertise for people who wish to enter the biggest transaction of their lives with confidence.

We take pride in guiding first-time home buyers and seasoned home owners alike into the optimum loan product for their purposes, at the optimum price.  With extensive experience within the home loan industry, we guide you to take advantage of the best of all worlds in the mortgage industry.  We simply show you all the “pieces” of the various loan products and explain how they fit together and run.  You will be able to compare and contrast loan products that will be competing for your favor.

You will make the right decision…

  • using the correct information to select the best loan product for your purpose,
  • to extract the best possible price from YOUR lender, and
  • to use insider strategies to nail down lock pricing that YOUR lender can’t wiggle out of.

We provide specific information that will make YOU an incredibly knowledgeable borrower.  You’ll be able to discuss minute details of qualification and documentation that very few people outside of the industry are aware of.  Possessing price strategies, you can tip the balance of power in your direction when you discuss interest rate and fees with lenders.  You can enjoy the kind of results only seasoned insiders were likely to get…until now.  You will even learn secret strategies to use to your own personal benefit that YOUR lender has likely never experienced!

We’re top echelon experts that our demanding clients have relied upon for decades.  But now, in light of all the new comprehensive lending regulations that have disqualified a large number of former home owners from eligibility as borrowers, we have decided to give new potential home buyers an edge, to hopefully inject them with sufficient confidence to enter into home ownership.

When you choose to work with 9th Inning Strategies, LLC, you choose to use a brand new breed of financial guidance for self empowerment.


Choose guidance from the industry expert who knows “best practices” to make getting a home loan SIMPLE.

From start to finish improve your experience AND the outcome on your home loan application by knowing the intimate details of what’s going to happen even before you apply.  Having a seasoned mortgage industry insider in your corner during the home loan process for guidance and instruction will put your loan request in the best light for your desired underwriting results, and for optimum pricing on your loan.

You’ve got questions, we have answers.  We pride ourselves in using simple, frank and honest language to help you understand what’s going on “behind the curtain” and why, during the often complicated process of getting a home loan.  No question is a bad question if our answer can reduce your stress and anxiety during one of the biggest transactions of your life.  We understand and we want to make this experience one that you will remember as a happy one.

We are home owners ourselves.  We know that the best way to eliminate distractions in your life during the home loan process is to get it done QUICK.

You have a life to live, job responsibilities and day-to-day decisions that need to be made with a clear head.  You can’t afford to let a lingering home loan process distract you from those responsibilities.  We’ll enlighten you on how to expedite the entire process with a minimum of disruption.

It’s almost like showing up for an important exam with the answer sheet.  Every step is outlined, explained and strategized for your specific loan approval.   It’s better than a cheat sheet because all explanations allow you to “own” the process.  EASY.

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